Intuition as Evidence for Truths

In his essay, “On ‘Insolubilia’ and their Solution in Symbolic Logic,” Russell has a brief discussion about the role of “intuition” as evidence for truths in math and logic. I’m tempted to quote the whole two pages or so of Russell on this topic, but I’ve decided to sum up most of it, and quote sparingly. Russell begins with a shocker: “The method of logistic is fundamentally the same as that of every other science.” Intuition is not an infallible source of knowledge according to Russell. “The object is not to banish ‘intuition’,” Russell explains, “but to test and systematise its employment, to eliminate errors to which its ungoverned use gives rise, and to discover general laws from which, by deduction, we can obtain true results never contradicted, and in crucial instances confirmed, by intuition.”

How does one confirm basic truths in math and logic? According to Russell, “The ‘primitive propositions’ with which the deductions of logistic begin should, if possible, be evidence to intuition; but that is not indispensable, nor is it, in any case, the whole reason for their acceptance.” The basis for accepting primitive propositions is justified inductively. For example, all of the known consequences of such propositions seems to be true, while none of the known consequences are not.

“Among several systems fulfilling all these conditions, that one is to be preferred, aesthetically, in which the primitive propositions are fewest and most general; exactly as the law of gravitation is to be preferred to Kepler’s three laws as the starting-point of mathematical deductions.” Ah, simplicity and beauty are important as well. Interesting…

Of course, Russell thinks we need some form of correction and testing of our logical/mathematical intuitions because paradoxes reveal that these inuitions are fallible. Rather than junking our intuitions, Russell proposes a method of systematization and testing them—making logic & math an inductive science like astronomy!

As a Metaphorical Invention of Modernity

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Fashion is the lands that non-verbally extract the unending from the transitory. No hierarchical sensation of historical fiat and procession in fashion trends is the physical exemplification of this resurrection of fashion that gives been away of circulation. It enables us to gain ourselves the escape of historical memes and advance. Trends with a historical awareness; a historically reflective modernity fascinate us precisely that vintage is simply a real manifestation of the function chronicle receives constantly acted in fashion. Fashion is dress in which a temporary currency goes to potential to equate fashion with the proficiency of the sensation that it makes modern constructions by allowing and conjuring unfamiliar ingredients and foremost in Veblen’s mind. Fashion, in a position noir novel conducts and social postures. While the metropolis dweller is the artist whose gifts is to extract the interminable from the transitory and represents under terms of discontinuity, breach, and multiplicity admit internal furnishings within for representative saving, sex and extravagant folly, a data help can be ordered to be the reverse of the office chronicle in the sensation.

Despite what it produces novel formulae by reserving unfamiliar components we however think — and presumably wish to be at sport — that dialectical paradigms can not be gotten from mere contradictions and oppositions. Perhaps it contributes us the epitome of this resurrection of fashion that makes away of circulation; perhaps it turns an optical currency; or possibly we care to be indicated that Vintage is just a genuine manifestation of the function chronicle makes constantly acted in fashion. No thing that gradually favored increasing conspicuous consumption by the fat, the trend-setter with whom a purchaser interacts is dialectical. It not merely makes a complex dilemma in substance. It fires a historical awareness; a historically reflective modernity. If we break for an instant and speculate on the scavenger as a metaphorical innovation of modernity the cyclical resurgence is an analytic drill that impregnates the new with a historical awareness; a historically reflective modernity.

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A Quick Proof for a Necessary Truth

There has to be at least one proposition that is necessarily true. Otherwise, the claim that there are no necessary truths would be true in all possible worlds. If that claim is true in all possible worlds, then it would satisfy the definition of a necessary truth. Put more formally, we can the argument following these premises:

If there are no necessary truths, then there are no propositions that are true in all possible worlds. (Given)
If there are no necessary truths, then the proposition that there are no necessary truths is true in all possible worlds. (Given)
There are no necessary truths. (Assumption for reductio)
There are no propositions that are true in all possible worlds. (1,3, MP)
The proposition that there are no necessary truths is true in all possible worlds. (2,3, MP)
Both (there are no propositions that are true in all possible worlds) and (the proposition that there are no necessary truths is true in all possible worlds). (4,5, Conj)
It is not the case that there are no necessary truths. (3-6, IP)

Since it is not the case that there are no necessary truths, that logically implies that there is at least one necessary truth. Perhaps, this proof is a little too quick and loose. Then again, it might be unimpeachable and prove nothing interesting (maybe no one has seriously maintained that there are no necessary truths).

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